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How to compare auto insurance companies

All insurance companies are different. Prices, warranties, services and options vary from one brand to another. All these factors should be taken into account if you want to make a comparison. The aim is to list the good and bad sides of each of them to choose the best insurance company for your car.

Stages of completion

1. Learn about the classification of insurance. It is available on many websites dedicated to consumers. These rankings highlight the companies reputation. You will then know the strengths and weaknesses of each.

2. Read the terms and conditions of contracts you want. List what is included or not: free support? Everywhere in France? Overseas? If there are asterisks, scroll down the page to read further information. If you see written “offer subject to conditions”, look for these conditions. Make no deadlock.

3. Feel free to discuss the insurance companies around you. You can get advice from other consumers. Pay special attention to people who have had a breakdown or accident. Ask them to support and ask for their views.

4. Compare “more” of each company as partnerships or policy support. All companies do not offer the loan of a replacement vehicle, or only under certain conditions, others do not intervene within x miles of your home. Be sure to listen to them if something goes wrong. If after two or three questions they sigh, change agency!

5. Do not hesitate to say that you go around companies. Some insurers may make great offers.

6. Compare prices. Sometimes if you opt for an insurance offered by your bank, it is more advantageous and payments are facilitated.

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