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Protect your privacy on the Internet

Is it by what one believes, hidden behind our screen, nothing can happen to us? Let us equate this party cold and soulless, the public behind, alive but hidden? Why so many secrets left here and there, why so lightly in our words? We forget how the Net is a public interface, that everything can be turned against us. And since it can not count on the privacy policies of large groups of the canvas, much to discipline ourselves, to protect or at least know the remedy to save face.

What about our personal data before the arrival of social networking? If it were a phone number left on a form to register a commercial site, or email address left in the bend of a forum for passionate, the possibility was still less likely to about us, our activities, our children or our professional concerns. The time was not the secret to digital, fewer traps to say too much, and later regret.

Today, on Facebook, tweeting it, it says, exchange and sharing is excessive. Ever the adage “the words fly, writings remain” will have taken as much sense. As you strive to embrace the world, we come to forget the essential: the Internet can be hostile to your privacy, your words turn against you. The privacy policies of large groups, like Facebook, Google or others, remain relatively obscure and often criticized by the European institutions in general or in particular by the CNIL.

The best way to guard against abstinence would be totally pure and simple of the internet. No problems Cookies or historical, not spies placed on your computer. But it’s like not to use his card, his card vital, its transport card And above all, your privacy can be undermined by others, the experience is common on social networks, with those friends who have the bright idea to tag a photo in the worst moments. Innocent gesture “for fun”, this manipulation is one of the most intrusive, abusive. What about your image rights?

Without hoping to be completely transparent, there are countless ways to avoid mishaps. The practice of web requires some intelligence and awareness. All writing is not trivial. You just sometimes a little common sense, but the whirlwind of the web makes us forget the basic rules. Fortunately, there are remedies, opportunities to be forgotten the web, but before we get there is worth more to protect yourself.

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